Static GTFS is used by a number of maps and trip planners websites and applications to provide multi-modal journey planning to their users. By providing Static GTFS information, your Transit Agency will be visible in these various websites and apps when visitors plan their commute.

EACOMM can provide turnkey GTFS development services from gathering data on the ground, compiling and formatting into GTFS, up to maintaining and updating the feeds. Working with GTFS since 2012, EACOMM developed and maintains GTFS data for transit agencies in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. In its home country of the Philippines, EACOMM maintains a detailed GTFS data set that includes city buses and jeepneys in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao as well as provincial ferry and bus routes originating from these three cities.

Data Gathering

While data is usually readily available for larger transit agencies; for smaller agencies, on the ground data collection is often the best means of gathering accurate GTFS data.  EACOMM has over 5 years of experience in transit route data gathering using a combination of methods ranging from traditional pen and paper interviews to customized smartphone survey applications.

GTFS Feed Development

Once all the data is readily available our team of specialists start developing the feed. EACOMM uses specialized web applications to speed up GTFS feed development while minimizing encoding errors.

GTFS Feed Maintenance

Once the feed is completed the transit agency may choose to maintain the data themselves or the continue to retain EACOMM’s services for the feed maintenance. For agencies wishing to maintain their feeds themselves we offer GTFS training and easy to use software tools designed for GTFS feed maintenance.