E-paper bus stop displays head to the Holy Land

Projective, specialist technology provider for public transport operators, has deployed Papercast solar powered e-paper bus stop displays for the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team (JTMT) passenger information system upgrade in Israel.   The multi-language e-paper displays, using E Ink technology, are currently operational in different configurations at several bus stops in Jerusalem, with the long-term intention to identify an economical, sustainable and future proof replacement to existing bus stop signage across the network. JTMT needs a solution that meets precise technical, environmental, informational and functional requirements. Papercast exceeds their specification, offering enhanced features to further improve the experience for passengers, as well as the ongoing platform management.   “This is the most advanced technology for presenting real-time passenger information at bus stops, making it an ideal replacement for the old ‘next bus’ signs and static paper signs. Papercast has already impressed passengers in Jerusalem with their interactive display offering live arrivals, routes, frequencies and instant messages in three languages,” comments Tzachi Reouveni, CEO and Owner of Projective Ltd.   The Papercast range of e-paper displays have been designed specifically to deliver real-time information to passengers at bus stops. Engineered with energy efficiency at the forefront, the displays are solar-powered with wireless connectivity, which means they can be easily installed completely off-the-grid within an hour. The cloud-based data management platform offers instant integration with open data standards (such as GTFS, GTFS RT and SIRI), as well as comprehensive content management, monitoring and auto-diagnostics.

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