Jakarta commuters will know when their bus is arriving

Commuters in Jakarta will be able to get real-time bus information. We’ve teamed up with Transjakarta to add real-time information about routes and schedules for corridors 1 through to 12 on Google Maps, so it’s easier for people in Jakarta to plan their trips.

For example, the next time you’re planning a trip between Bintaro and Sudirman, you can simply type in the two locations to get information about which bus to catch. In addition to bus routes and numbers, you’ll be able to see when the next bus is arriving at your stop and an estimation of how long your trip is going to take. If your bus is delayed, Google Transit will automatically update the times. Routes that have real-time information available are marked in Google Maps in green.

Read More Here: https://blog.google/topics/google-asia/all-aboard-now-jakarta-commuters-wi/

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